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Welcome to our blog dedicated to sex

Only through blogs can we pass sexual education? In fact, know that society has a good reason to ask “why this is happening”, there are certain answers that have nothing to do with the subject, especially when it comes to sexuality.

Bloggers of the sexes

Sites for sex blogs are more often held by individuals without the participation of their partner, or even without it being aware at all. Gender bloggers are far from all single. Thus, an anonymous housewife uses her blog to explain her unconfessed feelings and desires. Hold like this father has a space where he can really relax with his fantasies, publishing images and erotic texts that mixes with reflections without modesty. Others are fascinated by erotic games and talk about scenes that they cannot organize in their daily lives. A blog where word games are allowed and it's true that this is not a field for children, because even if they manage to put their nose, they will understand nothing.

Give me sex without context

The communication is very exaggerated on this blog site dedicated to sex. The quality of the text is not at the top, and several articles are bland and yet it is the blog that everyone expects. There are all the labels of the new generation sexuality in this blog and even if the pride exceeds everything, the web is the heart of the communication of the young people. The fetishes have been put in value and in most cases, in the hands of seniors who play cougar, Milf and even the pervert. Moreover, this beautiful expression of freedom of sex has been put into effect on the film "Sex Education" that Netflix has taken the trouble to put online.

So, this blog is a good expression of the analysis of people who are aging but who do not let themselves be treated this way.

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